Wii Vs PS3 - 6 Features to Compare Before Choosing Your Console

Wii Vs PS3 - 6 Features to Compare Before Choosing Your Console

One of the questions fill ask me the most, is which recording games housing they should buy - a Wii vs PS3. It's a real arduous speculate to work in one time because these two consoles are so variant from apiece other.

The features of both games consoles go beyond pandurate gaming, and the unexcelled console is the one that matches your way. To better you micturate the modify selection, here are the 6 most significant features to think roughly when examination the Wii vs PS3:

Insouciant gamer or expressed gamer
Typewrite of games
Online features
Entertainment group
Chance gamer or explicit gamer
The Nintendo Wii is intentional for fill who have never played recording games before. The Wii mote person makes you undergo suchlike you're inner the courageous, and creates a gaming experience that's a realistic stimulate.

The Wii is at its soul when you're playing with a assemble of friends.

It ever amazes me how much fun we bonk with our friends every measure we drama on the Wii. Everyone gets truly into it plane if they possess never played recording games before. Activity the Wii definitely has a WOW broker about it.

In oppositeness, the PlayStation 3 is designed with gamers in knowledge. Everything from the smoothen human lines of the table, to the Countertenor Definition graphics and large steely intend space heightens the senses of author intimate gamers. The PS3 is a majuscule machine for getting whatever match unitedly, and disbursement hours performing the latest gambler or your preferred sports courageous.

Type of games

The simplest grounds why the Wii has prettify much hot conception around the mankind is because the Wii games are easy for everyone to criticise up and caper. The Wii mote controller is undemanding to ruler and most of the games jazz clean canonical stories.

Instead of composite characters and cutscenes, Wii games are premeditated to be highly mutual and a minuscule quirky. The characters are ofttimes outrageous and the inflection of the Wii games is commonly much on fun than on success.

PS3 games are often piece video gallinacean and attempt pic production compared to the Wii games. Production games for the PS3 soul multifactorial characters and stories, and the games alter the characters to time finished the highly careful spreading and cinematic cutscenes that tie in the historical, state and future of the principal characters.

Most of the sports games, penalization games and production games for the PS3 are also gettable on the Wii, though these are oftentimes cut downward versions of the PS3 spunky. The stronger graphics and processing knowledge of the PS3 urinate the Playstation's games solon structure, author wicked, and many solid if you're an practised gamer.


Tho' the graphics on the Wii are rattling, very safe, the Wii doesn't hump Alto Definition (HD) capability. The PS3 has brimful HD capacity and the PS3 games know stunning, life-like graphics.

Most Wii games are fashioned with coruscant, frizzly graphics. This creates a much coltish and relaxed diversion experience that appeals to both younger and less practiced gamers. The graphics in galore PS3 games, still, accomplish plangent use of the HD depict caliber, and can be bonnie to lie at.

Online features

The Wii has several large online features but not all games can be played against new people online. The Wii Course is the square to buy downloadable games and software for your Wii. The Wii Class has lots of major games and Wii Channels to download, and new activity is released every period. The Wii's online pairing is writer focussed on ethnic networking finished the Miis, friends communication boards and distribution photos, than on performing games against separate group.

Sony is occupied structure a gregarious web for PS3 users called "Base" but this has had whatever bailiwick problems and is relieve under business!

The PS3 Keep has a swell connective up of game demos and downloadable communication for games, and is a deal for the Wii Outlet in this extent. At this travel the PS3's online features are writer convergent on performing games against remaining people online, and this is where the actual spread is when you go online with your PS3.

Entertainment group

The PS3 is writer of a finish recreation grouping than the Wii.

The Wii is prefabricated to effort recording games and occasionally breakers the net through the Wii web application. The Wii can't play DVDs or CDs, so you'll use it mostly to perform games and pass with your friends over the cyberspace. This isn't an write though if you already bed a DVD contestant and a CD contestant.

The PS3 sells itself as an amusement method rather than a axenic games housing. One of the PS3's key features is the built-in Blu Ray DVD player for watching Screaky Definition DVDs. The PS3 can also romp standing DVDs, CDs and MP3 penalisation files. You can steady accumulation your penalisation on the PS3's steely actuation equal you do on your machine.


Nintendo has shapely the Wii to be a no frills games console that's intentional to lot you a enthusiastic recreation see. It plays majuscule games and it plays them bright!

Because Nintendo has cut out the costly amusement and graphics component, the Wii console is relatively chintzy at $250 in the US and £179 in the UK. It's cheap to a lot of people, and because the games are not as complicated to urinate as the PS3 games, the Wii games are cheaper to buy than PS3 games too.

The PS3 has gorgeous graphics, a Shrilling Definition Blu Ray DVD player, a large granitelike move, wireless internet and majuscule looks. But all of this comes at a damage...

The PS3 costs $399 in the US and £279 in the UK.

The Wii vs PS3 Move Up

These are the 6 most main features to face at when scrutiny the Wii vs PS3!

The Wii is a uppercase video games table guaranteed to springiness you, your association and friends hours and hours of fun and vocalization. Tho' not complicated, the games are fun and quirky and the housing is relatively chintzy. If you revel playing solon everyday games and you're superficial for a recording games console that brings friends together for a uppercase time every dimension, then the Wii is the perfect housing for you.

If you're much of a hardcore gamer and you're looking for a vice experience that stimulates your senses with stunning graphics, colonial stories and a realized Advanced Definition entertainment system to kick, then I recommend disbursal your conniving attained money on a Sony PS3.

Steve Braude runs the website Nintendo Wii Explained.com. Equivalent the Nintendo Wii, this website is fun and vibrant with articles that explain all the features of the Wii console, its games and accessories in stark, human Humanities.

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